Let life into your activity!

One person out of 10 acts actively against the business where he/she works!

In a survey from 2013, 16% of Swedes asked answered that they are commited at work, while 73% did not feel commited and 11% answered that they were even actively uncommited. Four years later, in 2017, the figures were no better: 14% were committed in their work, 75% uncommitted and 11% actively uncommitted.

How is that possible? Why does a person not want to get involved in his/her job and even counteract the success of the entreprise? 

Maybe we should turn the question around: "when do I feel committed?" and not especially at work but in life in general? What makes me want to do something with joy and commitment?

Think about it, if we could make those who experience disengagement to feel greater joy and enthusiasm at work, think how much it could mean for the activity of the entreprise! 

  • There is a lot of talk and writing about effective meetings, development talks, projects with clear goals, responsibilities, agenda, etc. Here it is thought often only with a focus on the business, which is logical, you are at work don't you? But what about those who do the work, the people? 

  • Do we stop being human just because we are at work? And the following question “when do I feel like a human being? When do I feel alive? ”​

  • Could this be part of the explanation for these alarming figures? I get committed when I feel alive, when I feel life in and around me. And I do not feel this at work. Even though I'm involved in a project that I believe in. This is because I do not feel the life that circulates, that makes me who I am: a human being. 

The meaning of life is to be alive. It’s so plain and so obvious and yet everybody rushes around in a great panic as it was necessary to achieve something beyond themselves”. Allan Watts

What do you say about giving more life to your business?

Where do I find and feel life?

How do I awaken life within myself, my employees and in my business?

I have good news: it is on the other side of the door.

It is just to go out into nature and I can help you with this.

Nature is a "neutral" environment where everyone is equal regardless of their work in the entreprise. Still, so much can be done in nature that is linked to the needs of your activities.

Following are some examples of what nature can help you with:

  • Cohesion & harmony: organize a group meeting every month outdoors.

  • Creativity & focus: find inspiration with nature for a project kickoff.

  • Joy & energy: a forest bath, a different team activity in the forest without performance requirements.