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Natur-& skogsterapiguide Foto: Jonas Ingman

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  • Max 15 participants.

  • No prior knowledge needed.

  • Upplevelsen blir ca 3 timmar långa.

  • Shoes adapted to walk outside. Clothing according to the weather. Take a bit extra. We will mainly stay at the same place. It is then easy to feel cold faster than usual.

  • Take a sit matt with you (if you have one).

Forest bathing with Pilates

A sensory experience with movement training in the forest

Imagine the most original of trees: a pine. In order not to fall over because of the wind, it has a powerful core and a foundation of roots that keeps it in place and proudly upright.
We humans have the same ability to move the body, lift, carry and spin around without falling over. Our support is our core.
Every movement we make is preceded by an activity in a "belt" of muscles in the abdomen, lumbar spine and pelvic floor. We are stable

when all movements start from the center. This practice is called Powerhouse and train these muscles in Pilates for the best stability, balance, mobility, posture and strength.

When we practice Pilates in the forest, we do it in the middle of our origin - nature - where the body, our senses and emotions are balanced.

Date, time & place

11/6 - 10:00  Änggårdsbergen - Mölndal

We meet at the parking at the entrance of Änggårdsbergens Eklanda, Mölndal.

Address: Västra Eklanda Höjd, Mölndal

Bus 751 - Stop: Eklanda skog

29/6 - 18:00  Stora Amundön

We meet at the entrance of the natural reserve between the toilets and the bikes racks. 

Address: Brottkärrsvägen 124, 436 58 Hovås

Bus 82, 258 - Stop: Lillövägen


550 SEK / pers / tillfälle