Growing in your leadership

You are chef or team leader at work.

You are maybe part of the management team and have responsibilities towards employees. Sometimes it can be tough. You have heard everything You have heard all about what it takes to be a good manager: clarity, be positive, coach, be competent, available… And you try to be and do all this. Sometimes you have to make decisions that do not feel right. Or you may feel that it does not work quite as you would like, but what then, it belongs to the job. You're a leader.

Forest bathing, nature, leadership

Do you take time to think about your leadership as a person?

How am I as a leader? What do I do, what do I say at work?

You can ask your employees, your colleagues, but would it not be good to be able to ask such questions in a completely independent environment: somewhere where you are not a manager or colleague?

One such place exists: nature.​​

  • Here you can be exactly the person you are.

  • Here you can ask all questions.

  • Nature will not judge, not comment.

Still, you can find many answers and tips if you let yourself open to it. I can help you with this.

You are a leader, but first and foremost you are a human being. It is precisely what you get to be in nature. Opening up to the life around you will help reach the life within yourself. In a simple way, you may realize things that were already right in front of you. 

Nature can be your mirror and your mentor as a person & leader.

How does it work?

  • We start by asking your intention: what question would you like to be answered, what problem would you like help with?

  • Then we will slow down. For real. We walk slowly, we stop and are still.

  • I guide you and help you to center yourself, to be present, but also to open your senses to the nature around us. I use tolls based on forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku). You will get the opportunity to feel inward and outward.

  • I will invite you to do different things in nature related to the questions and thoughts that you brought and we will have moments to share what we experience. 

  • When you turn yourself inward and outward, it is like a flow circulating through you: the flow of life. You may gain an insight into your needs, your values ​​that together with your limitations and your experience create the person you are today. When you open outwards, you let nature enter through your senses. It can help you to turn inward again and maybe find answers or a way to follow.

Slowing down into nature will help you to grow as a person and a leader.